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Heirloom Tomato Plants- Your Guide in Choosing the Best Tomato Plants to Purchase

These days, planting has been a major or pastime activity that is done at home. Whether you have a garden or small space inside, you can sure make your home more refreshing with plants.

There are different varieties of plants that you can purchase. But one of the most in demand is heirloom tomato plants. Choosing tomato plants can be likened to choosing your Christmas tree. As different homes have different needs, the best Christmas tree depends on your lifestyle. This is also true when it comes to Heirloom tomatoes Raleigh NC plants. The best that you can have is the one that suits best your particular growing conditions.

Here are the different things that you will have to check when buying heirloom tomatoes.

1. The very first thing you must check is the size of the pot. Make sure that its size is proportionate to the plant's size. If the pot is too small for the plant, then it might be root to bound. Ideally, choose a plant that is placed in a 4" pot as this is big enough that allows the roots of the plant to spread comfortably. Although some tomato varieties are shorter, a 4" pot is still ideal.

2. When choosing an heirloom tomato plant, choose one whose stems are fairly thick. Plants that grow too tall to reach light might not be able to stand well during rainy and windy seasons.

3. Another important factor to check is the hardness of the plant. If you go outdoors to shop for plants, it is easy for you to determine if the plant is wilting and drooping. But, you will need to ask this detail if you choose to purchase in a nursery, catalog or online. Tomatoes placed in a cultured environment can be very healthy. However, they can also wilt and fall if you place them in a different environment if not hardened off.

4. If you check the stem's bottom and notice some small white nodes, that isn't a bad sign. Those nodes try to be roots. You can transfer the tomato to cover the white nodes. The more roots, the more tomatoes you will reap.

5. Check the plant's top for the growing whorl. While the plant hardens off, its bottom leaves might have suffered. However, what is more important is that its top whorl is growing and green. You can plant your tomato at a fair deep and get off the bottom leaves. The stem and its top are the most essential indicators of a healthy heirloom tomato.

6. Make sure that the leaves' underside have no small bugs and aphids. You wouldn't want to bring home a plant with such extras.

7. Aside from the bottom leaves, make sure that the rest of the plant is green. If you notice a plant turning yellow, then that is an indication that it lacks nitrogen after staying too long in the pot. A plant turning maroon means that it has iron deficiency. But, a green plant is always healthy.

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